Service trips and crew change

In connection with the embarkation and disembarkation of the pilot we can arrange crew changes and/or bring small parcels for the vessel. DanPilot's transportation of persons to and from vessels is carried out according to the rules of immigration.


When transporting persons from countries, where visa, entry permission etc. is required, the vessel or it's representative is fully responsible for ensuring that the necessary travel documents are cleared with the relevant Danish authorities, no later than the time of ordering the transport with DanPilot.


DanPilot are not providing travel documents and will only carry persons, who are eligible for entry into Denmark and solely to the port and at the time stated in the entry permit.


The fee is DKK 5.000 per hour per operation - equal to EUR 672.60 (exchange rate per 01. January 2017).


Please book service trips and request more information here:


In the request please state:

                      The type of service trip:

  • Freight/transportation: Measurements of unit and content.
  • Crewchange: Number of persons, embarking or disembarking.

as well as:

  1. The name, call signal and IMO number of the vessel,
  2. The expected time of arrival of the vessel to the location, from which the service trip is requested
  3. The contact details of the person or company sending the request and
  4. Information regarding form of payment