Request for Pilotage

Requests must be given to DanPilot:

  • At least 18 hours prior to ETA for transit pilotage.
  • At least 4 hours prior to departure from port, and 24 hours if pilotage is requested to port.


Requests can be sent using DanPilot's price calculator or by e-mail:


The following information must be provided:


a) the name, call signal and IMO number of the vessel,

b) the gross tonnage, length, width, draught and speed of the vessel,

c) the type of cargo,

 d) the ship's expected arrival time at the place from which pilotage is desired,


e) the place to which pilotage is desired,

f) any faults and/or deficiencies relevant for the manoeuvrability of the vessel,

g) the contact details of the person or company sending the request,

h) information regarding form of payment 


Please include additional relevant information, e.g. regarding planned bunkering or if stores are to be taken aboard during the passage and inform about geographical location and expected duration.


Non-stop transit pilotage

DanPilot strives to offer non-stop pilotage on the routes Skagen to Gedser/Bornholm and/or return. However, in case of heavy traffic or peaks it may be necessary to change pilot during the pilotage.


Pilotage to ports in the Baltic Sea

DanPilot has pilots for all ports in the Baltic Sea. Please inform us of final position for pilotage when the request is made.